How It Works (You):

Step 1: Create Your On-Line Card
Step 2: Download Your QR Code
Step 3: Share Your QR Code - examples:
              Print it on your business card
              Put it in your email signature file
              Print it on your marketing materials
              Put it on your phone desktop so others can scan it from phone-to-phone!

How It Works (Them):

Step 1: To share your contact information just have anyone with a smart phone scan your QR code

FYI 2: The phone browser will open and they will see your card in a perfect format

Step 3: They can instantly import your vCard by touching an icon on the screen

FYI 4: They now have your information with two clicks! (steps 1 & 3)

FYI 5: The numbers on your on-line card can even be dialed directly by just touching the number--no key strokes are needed

QR Codes & Mobile Content Explained

  • The magic of our solution is the combination of QR Codes and Rich Mobile Content--this facilitates easy sharing of your information. Anyone with a smart phone can access and store your information in a second!
  • A question we hear time and time again is "What does a QR Code do?" A QR code does one thing and one thing only--it eliminates typing.  Nothing more, nothing less.  What is important is what is behind the QR code.  When you scan it, where does it take you?  To a nicely formatted content that is easy to see and navigate with your mobile device or microtype and Flash that does not work with iThings?
  • No Typing? What's the big deal with that?  Well it is a big deal, remember QR codes are used with PHONES and PHONES only (I guess now tablets/pads but stick with me here).   Typing is physically difficult on a phone, especially a screen phone with no tactile feedback.  With the QR code people can scan your information right into the smart phone with the simple touch of a big fat icon that is not a problem for your finger to hit.
  • While we love our iPhones Apple makes you email your vCard and then import it rather than direct upload.  So we created an email icon to do so.  Sorry, you will have to "type" the email address of where it must be sent.  Talk to Apple if you want this fixed.  Also there are some vCard Apps that will do the trick.
  • The goal is to make it easy to get your information.  With our solution it is all done with a scan and tapping one of two simple icons in your on-line your smart business card: 
  • smart icons You can share your information in real time and see it.  For example you are working a tradeshow, the potential customer scans your card, and the information is saved THEN.  You can watch it happen.  Not when they get back to the hotel room with 100's of printed cards and yours gets lost.
  • Eliminates "card scanners" and other expensive hardware--your phone does the scanning for you.
  • You don't even need to print the QR code or business "cards".  You could have just 'one physical card' and everyone scans that. OR NO CARD, they can read the QR code FROM YOUR MOBILE PHONE SCREEN. Just open the code in a picture viewer and they can scan it!
  • No Dialing. People can simply click on your phone number from your on line card and the phone will ring you.
  • Your smart card is designed to look GREAT on a mobile device! Scan the code and check out your business card on an iPhone/Android/BB etc. Clean, crisp, professional.
  • When you print the QR code the code NEVER expires, it is your code for life. But the information you can update at any time. Get a new job, fine, change the company name and number etc. The best use would be to print a business card with just your name and QR code on it. There is no reason to even print a phone number or anything (the minute you print something, if that data changes, the 'printed' cards are worthless).
  • The QR code can be printed on anything, it can be read from a computer monitor, mobile phone screen, signature file, QR codes are very flexible.
  • It's green solution as it does cut down on print waste.
  • While this solution is tailored to 'a mobile business card' QR codes can be put on anything. They make products interactive. Our traditional business at MobileKlik.Com (the card solution is is to just that, making interactive products. We create mobile content behind QR codes for products. Example, you are in a store, you pick up a product, but want more information (what you are looking for is not on the label), you see a QR code and scan it. Now there can be unlimited information IN REAL time on the product. We have customers with video instructions and all sorts of things. Very exciting!
For example, scan this code with your phone (one of our traditional customers):   
See how nice that looks, that is designed properly for mobile content!

Now look at this site (99% of sites are NOT mobile enabled), for example Subway Sandwiches:
Bad QR Code Example  
The site is useless if not impossible to read on a phone, too bad (they do not even provide a mobile redirect)

We will update this page with more examples and uses soon.